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Contact Summary

The easiest way to contact us is by email. Before sending email to us, please ensure that your issue isn't dealt with by information in the Frequently Asked Questions, or isn't best addressed by one of the following:

Submitting patches:
If you'd like to contribute a patch, please use our Bugzilla report page.
Bug reports:
Please see the Bug Reports page.
Feature Requests:
Please see the Feature Requests page.
Technical Support Requests:
If you want to ask a question about how Valgrind works, please use the valgrind-users mailing list.
If you are interested in donating funds or equipment to Valgrind, please send email to
If you would like to give us detailed, general feedback, please fill out our survey.
Press inquiries:
Please send email to
If you have found a problem on one of our pages, such as a broken link or some incorrect information, please contact
The main non-technical contact address for Valgrind is:

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