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Survey 2 : September/October 2005

We ran our second survey in September/October 2005, and received 179 responses. Thanks to all those who participated.

Read the short summary, or the full report. We look forward to improving Valgrind based on the information gained from this survey.

Ongoing Surveys : December 2003-August 2005

We had an ongoing survey on the Valgrind website during this period. The survey evolved greatly during this time. We received around 40 responses, which gave us more information, and also let us refine and shorten it in preparation for the September 2005 survey. Thank you to all those who responded.

Survey 1 : November 2003

We ran our first survey in November 2003. The 116 responses gave us a huge amount of information, and taught us a great deal about how Valgrind is used. Thanks to all those who responded.

Read the summary, and a list of some actions we've taken in direct response to the survey results. Please note that this list does not show everything we've done, and we continue to address the issues raised.

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