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Contributing to Valgrind

If you would like to contribute to Valgrind's development, there are a number of ways you can help.

Bug Reports

Bug reports are good. Good bug reports are even better. They should be submitted to our Bugzilla site (instructions are here). Please follow the guidelines about writing good bug reports. Small sample programs that exhibit a bug are particularly helpful.


Valgrind's documentation is not always kept up to date. Any documentation patches that help in this respect are welcome. Please send them to the valgrind-developers list.

Software Infrastructure, Code and Research

If you are interested in writing code for Valgrind itself or its infrastructure, or doing research with it, please consult our project suggestions page.


Mythic Beasts
Hosting for the Valgrind website is very kindly donated by Mythic Beasts.
Visit the Mythic Beasts website at for more information.
Hosting for the Valgrind source code repository is very kindly donated by


Donations are welcome, large or small. They help pay day-to-day running costs, such as bandwidth, web-hosting, electricity, and hardware maintenance, as well as helping with larger one-off costs such as buying new machines.

Individuals and companies can donate funds to support Valgrind by cheque or money order. Please contact us if you wish to donate.


Equipment donations can be very useful. If you wish to donate some equipment, please contact us to find out if the equipment would be useful, and if so, to arrange its transport.


For any other questions about these matters, please contact us.

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