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Mailing Lists and IRC

When posting to the mailing lists, please keep the following in mind, as they will increase the likelihood of getting a useful response:

  • Use a valid email address. Every new poster's email address is checked for validity through confirmation.
  • Send plain ASCII messages, no HTML-formatted emails please.
  • Don't GPG/PGP sign your messages. If you want people to be able to send you encrypted email, stick your key-locator in your signature.
  • Don't hijack other peoples' threads. To post on a new topic, start a new message, don't reply and just change the subject.
  • Check the archives before posting a question, chances are it has already been asked and answered a few times.
  • When asking a question, don't just tell us, "it doesn't work". Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, a short code snippet showing how you tried to solve it, what you expected to get and what you got instead.

Announcements List

The valgrind-announce list is a very low-volume list for announcements of new Valgrind releases.

General Users List

The valgrind-users list is a general discussion list for anything that comes up when using Valgrind -- if you can't work out how to use it, if you don't understand an error message, you have an idea for a new Valgrind tool and want some feedback, etc. It is read by all the developers, plus a bunch of other knowledgeable folk. Unfortunately, as with any mailing list, there's no guarantee that your question will be answered. The list is archived at Sourceforge.

Developers List

The valgrind-developers list is aimed at developers. It is for discussion of technical implementation details, and is where developers meet and discuss issues, code changes, etc. The list is archived at Sourceforge.

Automated Test Results List

The results of the nightly regression tests are sent to the valgrind-testresults list. This list is archived at Sourceforge.

IRC Channel

There is an IRC channel for Valgrind developers: #valgrind-dev at See Libera.Chat for how to connect your irc client.

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