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Variants and Patches

Several other Valgrind tools have been created. Some of these can plug directly into an existing Valgrind installation, but some require downloading a whole Valgrind distribution which contains a specially modified core. Please note that some of these are experimental, and may not work 100%.


Robert Walsh's Patches

The complete set is rolled together as valgrind-patches.tar.bz2. These patches are against the CVS head as of  Tue Feb 1 15:29:24 PST 2005. They may or may not apply to later CVS versions. If you're looking for patches against older releases, see the 2.1.0 patch page and the 2.0.0 patch page on my website.

02-watchpoints (diff)

This patch adds two new client requests: id = VALGRIND_SET_WATCHPOINT(address, length), which allows the application to set a watchpoint on a memory location, and VALGRIND_CLEAR_WATCHPOINT(id), which allows the application to clear a previous watchpoint.

You can also set watchpoints on the command line using --watchpoint=WP,.... WP is of the form X, X-Y or X+Y for a single address, an address range or an address and length, respectively. X and Y can be decimal or hexadecimal numbers. Hexadecimal numbers are prefixed with 0x. You can specify the --watchpoint option as many times as you want.

Watchpoints are triggered when memory within the address range is read or written to, when memory is allocated or freed on top of the address range or when the address range goes into or out of scope on the stack.

When a watchpoint is triggered, the stack backtrace from the triggering location is printed out, along with a count of the number of times the watchpoint has been triggered.

 memcheck/docs/mc_main.html           |   42 +++
 memcheck/mc_main.c                   |  395 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 memcheck/memcheck.h                  |   24 ++
 memcheck/tests/           |    8 
 memcheck/tests/wp_cmdline.c          |   19 +
 memcheck/tests/wp_cmdline.stderr.exp |   15 +
 memcheck/tests/wp_cmdline.vgtest     |    2 
 memcheck/tests/wp_simple.c           |   17 +
 memcheck/tests/wp_simple.stderr.exp  |   14 +
 memcheck/tests/wp_simple.vgtest      |    1 
 memcheck/tests/wp_stack.c            |   26 ++
 memcheck/tests/wp_stack.stderr.exp   |   30 ++
 memcheck/tests/wp_stack.vgtest       |    1 
 13 files changed, 587 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
10-mempool (diff)

This patch extends the leak detection code to detect leaks in memory pools.

 coregrind/vg_malloc2.c            |    5 -
 include/tool.h.base               |    3 
 memcheck/mac_leakcheck.c          |  177 ++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 memcheck/mac_needs.c              |   19 +++-
 memcheck/mc_main.c                |   18 +++
 memcheck/tests/mempool.c          |    2 
 memcheck/tests/mempool.stderr.exp |   38 +++++++-
 memcheck/tests/mempool.vgtest     |    2 
 8 files changed, 186 insertions(+), 78 deletions(-)

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