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Source Code Repository

If you are looking for a stable release of the source code, you should download it from the Current Releases page. The rest of this page describes how to get hold of code at the leading edge of the development effort. Such code may not work properly.

The actively developed, current code is in a git repository at

If you are doing any development work, please do it using the code from the current repository at!

The Current Repository

If you want to browse the current repository you can use the web interface.

To clone (via anonymous, read-only git access) and build without installing the compiled binaries (the common development case), do this:

  git clone
  cd valgrind

Then run the ./vg-in-place binary built at the root of the clone.

Alternatively, to clone, build, and install, do this:

  git clone
  cd valgrind
  ./configure --prefix=<installation-directory>
  make install

Then run the valgrind binary installed at <installation-directory>.

To do the build, you'll need automake version 1.10 or later and a compatible version of autoconf (e.g. 2.68). These should come as standard on any non-ancient Linux distribution.

For more information, see the instructions in the README file within the repository.

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