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Graphical User Interfaces

One of the most requested features for Valgrind is a graphical user interface to help with use and configuration.

Valkyrie is a Qt4-based GUI for the Memcheck and Helgrind tools in the Valgrind 3.6.X line, developed and maintained by the Valgrind Developers. Valkyrie also includes an auxiliary tool which merges XML output from multiple Memcheck runs into a single XML file, and optionally displays the merged result in the GUI. You can see some screenshots here.

The complete source code for the current release, including documentation, is available as a tarball from the Valgrind download page.
The code under active development is in a Subversion repository (and may not work properly). To check out Valkyrie via anonymous, read-only svn access:
svn co svn:// valkyrie

Other GUIs

Several other graphical front-ends have been built for Valgrind. These are the ones we know about.

  • Alleyoop, by Jeffrey Stedfast.
    Alleyoop is a graphical front-end using the Gtk+ widget set and other GNOME libraries for the X-Windows environment.

  • KDevelop lets you use Valgrind as a plugin.

  • Tool Gear's MemcheckView package provides scripts for running Valgrind's Memcheck tool on serial and parallel (MPI) programs and a Qt-based GUI for interpreting Memcheck's results (requires XML output from Memcheck). The MemcheckView GUI groups the Memcheck messages by error type and allows the viewing of the relevant source code for all levels of each message's call stack. The MemcheckView package and how to use it is described in much more detail here:

  • Eclipse has a GUI plugin to integrate Valgrind into its C++ Development Tools. Information on use and downloads links can be found here:



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