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This exercise was well worth doing. Please read my recommendations for specific things we should do to act on the results.

Actions taken directly as a result of survey

- thoroughly overhauled
- more obvious URL (
- better structure -- menu, multiple pages
- better overview makes it clearer what Valgrind is, ie. it has multiple tools, etc
- added links to external tools, GUIs, CVS repository, etc
- bugzilla setup for bugs, feature requests
- started phasing out the term "skin", using "tool" instead; not using "skin" on website anymore
- eventually, there will be no default tool, so that users are forced to realise that Valgrind is more than just Memcheck. Users will be allowed to specify their own default tool in a .valgrindrc file.
2.1.1 can run statically linked binaries.
Bugzilla pages should ensure bug fixes and patches are not forgotten
we will always use proper version numbers from now on
Error Messages
small improvements made so far, will be seen in 2.1 series
better version of survey written; information from responses should be much more focused, and directly applicable to understanding how Valgrind is used, and how to improve it.
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