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Question #1: Project Info

What project(s) do you use Valgrind and its skins for? (Feel free to include information such as: number of programmers, programming language, audience, etc.)

A decent fraction didn't answer this at all, probably didn't want to let us know. Others gave only vague descriptions (eg. "commercial app"). This question should have asked for more specific information. Still, it was mostly only for general interest.

Project types (rough summary):

  • programming: IDEs, compilers, garbage collectors, profilers, C++ standard libraries, Perl core, PHP, parsers, automatic debuggers, source control, graphical debuggers, others.
  • linux desktop apps: office suites and suite components, other apps.
  • networking/comms: interdevice comms, C++ network library, telecom apps, network servers, network analyzers, OpenSSL, others.
  • web: browsers, search engines, online auction trackers, others.
  • databases: database kernel, text/XML databases, SQL servers, others.
  • control: packaging automation, medical equipment (inc. X-rays!), distributed control systems.
  • media: video, audio, MIDI sequencer/editor.
  • games, etc: games, game engines, flight simulator, virtual reality library.
  • scientific: lots of different simulations, signal processing, financial maths, computational programs, vision, navigation, other
  • embedded: embedded C standard library, satellite set-top box software, other.
  • business: financial/banking, business intelligence software.
  • system: performance monitor, daemons.
  • commercial: lots, both public and in-house.
  • private: lots of small personal projects.
  • other: CAD, file format translator, job scheduling system.
  • unexpected: helped one guy learning C++, esp. for understanding destructors.

Languages used:

A rough idea only. Many people mentioned more than one, each count below represents one mention. Lots of people wrote "C/C++", so I can't tell if they use both, or just consider them equivalent.

C:                   56
C+:                  52
Fortran:              6
Java:                 3
asm:                  3
Python:               2
TCL/TK:               1
Objective C:          1
Pike:                 1
ExaScript:            1
interpreted langs:    1

Project size:

A very rough idea. I tried to count only the number of people using Valgrind, but I think most people just gave total numbers of programmers. So this is very rough.

one:        12
two:         7
~5:         12
~10:        10
~15:         4
~20:         2
100s:        1

Code size

Wasn't asked for. A few people mentioned 100 KLOC+. Two people mentioned 25 MLOC.

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