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Artwork / Clothing

The Artist

The horse-rider-dragon picture was painted in watercolours by Rupert Lees, a London-based artist. You can see more of Rupert's artwork on his website at

You may recognise the picture as a reference to the English legend of St George and the Dragon. This is perhaps fitting given that Valgrind started life in England, although it has since spread to all four corners of the globe.

Linking to

If you would like to include a link to on your website, you are welcome to use these images. Thanks to Stefan Kost for the last two.

valgrind-link1.png, [60x51] valgrind-link2.png, [60x46] valgrind-link3.png, [121x104] valgrind-link4.png, [102x78] valgrind-link5.png, [88x31] valgrind-link6.png, [88x31]


You can buy Valgrind t-shirts, which feature the horse-rider and dragon, from For each t-shirt sold, 3 &euro will be donated to the Valgrind project.

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